My Dandilion is a Flower
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Here are some alternative methods to battle the dandelion flower (if you must!) without the use of harmful pesticides:

  • The Hard Way: by hand, pull up each dandelion from the root. Make sure to get the entire root or the dandelion will come back.
  • The Not So Hard Way: Use the Weed Hound to pull dandelions out of the ground without bending over and tweaking your back.
  • Decapitation: remove the heads from the dandelions while they are still yellow flowers; preventing them from getting to the germination phase (a puffball of a thousand seeds) can impede dandelion proliferation.
  • Corn Gluten: apply corn gluten to your lawn each year and it will suppress dandelion growth as well as the growth of other weeds; You can order your non-toxic, weed killing corn gluten in a 6 lb or 20 lb bag online.
  • Vinegar: use a vinegar that is at least 15-25% acetic, your household vinegar is 5-10% acetic and not strong enough for the job. We recommend a vinegar product called Burnout by St. Gabriel Labs. It has specifically been designed for gardeners that wish to kill weeds the non-toxic way.
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